Sunday, April 21, 2013

1939-40 British Infantry

These figures have been long overdue for representation in this hobby, in plastic. Zevezda has done a very good job of these sets, and I plan to get some more to try a few conversions with now

They are about as multi-part that I can be bothered with but they fit nicely and don't need too much filling

So far, two versions achieved of the advancing rifleman, the top one uses the ammunition carrier from the machinegun set with the arms of the one below 

All have the basic paintwork on, just the final tidying up left to do

Not really enough poses as would have liked but they'll do for a start

Rifle company, command platoon. Will get a few more stands to this stage and then decide if I'm going to use the lot for a full battalion, based for CD3.  


  1. Are these 'Art of Tactic' figures, Al? They look good ;)

  2. They look smashing. I have to admire you blokes that work with these plastic figures. I'm not sure that I would be capable of assembling everything and getting gaps filled in a tidy manner.

  3. Thanks team, yes Monty, Art of Tactics they are

  4. Nice figures and well painted, Al!

  5. Nice work

    Looks like I cannot ignore these ;)