Friday, April 26, 2013

Jungle Playset

My jungle animal playset score is looking like a winner

Got a copy of Port Royale 3 at the same time, great video game :)

The palms will get a bit of paintwork and basing

four different kinds of trees, still have the fences and other stuff to base and paint too

Not the greatest stuff really, but it will do for a start and better than nothing. The value is that it gives me a lot of stuff on the cheap and plenty of minor projects to do. I'll still make a trip or two to the Maryborough Warlords once and a while but it's a wee way from where I live now, so not quite so accessible. 


  1. Rumble in the jungle coming next?

    1. Nah mate, all I have with me is early war stuff, I just bought it for something to do :

  2. I can see the potential in these. Sometimes it's nice to put away the figures and do a bit of terrain work.