Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Bridge

Starting to build up a few scenic bits and pieces

This cool bridge came in a jungle animal playset that I found in K-Mart the other day, along with a few other jungle accessories that I'll get around to at some stage

Here is the finished product

A couple of coats of a dark brown, washed, then lightly highlighted and dry-brushed

The river will be added as soon as I find some suitable materials to make one from.


  1. Great find; and nice finishing of it.

  2. lovely stuff. what scale are the vehicles? as it seems like it would be very useful for larger scales also.

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    1. Thanks lads,

      Gowan, I think the wagon and scout car are Fujimi & Arfix 1/76 and the 250 is a 20mm Resin by Frontline

    2. cool it's really appropriate then to 1/72. cool stuff.