Monday, August 12, 2013

Airfix Gurkha

Finished this unit in preparation for a couple of small games, set in the far east.

Battalion HQ

One of the rifle companies

Support company

A few of the rifle platoons 

The full battalion, plus an additional two rifle companies. I've actually trained with some of these guys a couple of times, and in my experience they are extremely professional and reliable soldiers; every bit the stuff of legend, they seemed to like working with us too.


  1. Nicely painted Al. I'm tempted to get a box or two of these in the larger scale!

  2. Classics, both the miniatures and the real soldiers. Hope to see an AAR with them soon.

  3. I worked with Ghuka engineers in Kenya, and they were brilliant blokes and most professional...until they'd had a drink...

    ...nuff said, soonest mended!


  4. Great stuff lads, I might look to add the Airfix Australians next

  5. Nice work Al. Don't forget Matchbox's Australians (Revell reissue). :)

  6. Very nice
    You are putting me to shame
    My Gurkas are still in their virgin plastic