Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Engineer Platoon

Finished this little addition last week, just didn't have time to post before leaving for the big smoke

More of the excellent Zevezda BEF figures, holding suitably engineer type stuff... a shovel (apologies to my old mate Jackie Adams from 16 Air Assault, R.E) :):):)

Most British infantry formations of this era had a dedicated engineer platoon

Eventually I'd like a fully independent company of engineers but need to finish the infantry battalions first

Here they included in a typical support company from the early war era, which includes: command section, engineers, mortar platoon and a light anti aircraft machinegun platoon

Another variation, with the AALMG platoon swapped out for a medium machinegun unit, though this was far less common

Yet another variation still, this one includes a Boys anti tank rifle platoon. I now have one complete BEF infantry battalion, one down, two to go.


  1. Nicely painted figures Al. A subject I imagine that does not get it's due of modelling.

  2. Thanks mate, yeah, I wish there was more early war stuff available

  3. Engineers are vital in Megablitz so some of those will be heading for the Western Desert. Sadly those British engineer figures aren't out in UK yet, well not in the shops I hang around in anyway!