Tuesday, September 17, 2013

37mm Trench Gun

More from the talents of my good friend David Russell...

Each U.S regiment has one platoon in CD terms, although you sometimes get others in certain scenarios 

Most U.S equipment was borrowed from other nations

I think Dave has an entire division so he might need to do another couple of these.


  1. nice job!
    i hadn't ever seen one before.

  2. Nice looking figures. I din't know they borrowed most of their weapons from other countries. I always thought the States had large weapons manufacturing for every war.

  3. Great model Al. I have never heard of this one. The USN had a combination mount M54 which had a 37 mm and two .50s. The idea was to acquire the target with the .50s and switch to the 37. Sailors being sailors they mostly used all three gun to acquire and prosecute the target!

    1. Well, having served on a few RN warships I think I understand what you're saying Col, I frequently remember hearing the phrase "more is better"

    2. Smashing bit of kit and a smashing bit of model! I'm sure there's a few of those guns in HaT's WW1 US Infantry set.

  4. That's quite an infantry weapon. French or British manufacture?