Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Great War Tunneling Company

Something a bit different here. This is basically your standard generic allied forces engineer company, but they can double as tunnelers if the scenario calls for it.

We played a Messines Ridge game a couple of years ago but these guys weren't included that time round

CD Over the Top doesn't really cater for underground warfare but the provision is there if you wanted to use it, the rules are similar to sewer fighting in WW2 scenarios 

All HaT figures with the obligatory picks and shovels. More top-stuff from David Russell.


  1. Great addition. Any WW I games planned?

    1. Not anytime soon mate, looking to do a cold war one next week though

  2. I really like these figures. The stories of the tunnels and the engineers is my favourite of WWI. There's a fantastic documentary out there on the engineers and particularly about the engineers from Canada. I can't remember the name, but it was just amazing.

  3. A great post Al. I have been looking into the tunnelling companies activities associated with La Boiselle (The LB study group has re-opened some of the workings and have a fascinating website). There are some superb gaming possibilities here and I would be glad to hear of others forays into this aspect of the Great War. Aye Rusty

  4. very good!
    tunneling warfare was fundamental during WWI, also on the italian and austrian alps.
    these pieces are an important tribute!

  5. Saw the title of the post in my link-list and thought you'd found a new maker of whitemetal stuff! Good name for a war games after-market producer...nice figures too!


  6. Great comments on an obscure yet important topic of the Great War. Rusty, I have seen a tunneling game with converted AIP figures 1/32 I think? It looked something like a D & D game but the figures had profiles and abilities similar to those found in Necromunda. It was done by a couple of PhD students at Canterbury University who were researching the efforts of the New Zealand tunnelers. Check out the movie Hill 60 if you haven't already

  7. The guys with the tools...nice work Al. :)

  8. Great figures Al. All you need now is a 1/72nd scale Hill (60?) to set them to. I understand once you get through the white glue/sawdust/paint, the styrofoam is quite easy going!

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  10. I looks cool I wish I could paint as good as that