Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Force was strong with this one...

A trip to the city of Maryborough last night produced the following couple of games of X-Wing, very very, cool...

In the first game my Rebel X-Wing was easily a match for the two TIE Fighters

Suffered some minor damage getting a hang of the rules

But, it a short time...

Scratch x1 hostile

Scratch x2 Picked the last one off from extreme range

A few pictures of the excellent miniatures

I think the X-Wing is more of a fighter, while the Y-Wing is more of a fighter/bomber

The redoubtable Millennium Falcon 

The ride of Boba Fett

TIE Interceptor 

Darth Vader's ride

The quick and nimble A-Wing

Game 2, this time I played the bad guys

The Y-Wing was slow but packed a lot of firepower, here my TIE Interceptor explodes under a hail of turret-mounted cannon fire

With the standard TIE following just a few turns later

The victor

The hanger

X-Wing is a great game. It reminded me of this old classic that we used to play a lot when I was living at the Thiepval Barracks. 


  1. Awesome Al!! One of my favourite subjects. By the way I had Wookie steak last night for tea.....It was a bit Chewie!! (sorry)

    1. lol mate, lucky I'm a Star Wars fan or that one would have gone :):)

  2. I believe you meant Rebels when you said bad guys!

    1. Sorry Fran but you're off the Christmas card list for that one mate :)

  3. Going over to the dark side are we young jedi?

    1. Nah, just wanted to have a go with both mate

  4. Nice AAR, Al. Thanks for sharing.


  5. it was a great game night! The force was strong with the rebels! Looking forward to a 100point dog fight next!!!

  6. Yeah mate, sooner the better!