Friday, October 4, 2013

Featuring, House Escher

Part of the Warhammer 40k universe, Necromunda. This is Tracy's Gang, from House Escher, nice though the paintwork is, all of these figures have since been stripped back to bare metal. The figures are 28mm

After leaving the military we went to university, where we encountered this Games Workshop classic. We played a gang each for ages, but after leaving study we sort of forgot about it

We intend to revive this great game and build some scenery to go with it

My gang are all mutants, pictures of them later on.


  1. it's great when you are able to resume old games with old friends!
    keep posted your progress.

  2. They look really cool - specially the...loin cloths (?)

    Striped back to be re-done? I shall look forward to the end result.

  3. I suggest you take a look at Cyberdog's website for inspiration. I'm pretty sure they based most of their clothes on this old range of minis.

  4. Great comments, thanks team, will certainly update progress as it happens

  5. If Tracey has a gang then you are doomed Al!