Sunday, October 20, 2013

Old Matchbox Truck

Just an old 1921 Model T Ford. I rescued it from a junk shop a few weeks ago, thinking of my minor nations collection and their lack of transports; which you can never have enough of

The obligatory before and after picture 

Vallejo, Canvas and Black colours, some minor inking but nothing else. This will allow the truck to serve multiple different nations and theatres, as they did historically 

Many were adapted from the ambulance and machinegun carrier roles after the Great War. The Model T saw something like 15 million units produced before its retirement, so it is not that surprising that everyone from the Russians to the Japanese seem to have acquired a few somewhere along the line. Good score, wish I had more of them.


  1. Nice find Al. Its always good when you can recycle others "junk" for your own benefit!

  2. Hey Al, Great Find! love the paint job you did on the T Ford too!

    Will you be repairing windscreen?

    1. Thanks Jaiqi, I had thought about it and am on the lookout for a suitable piece of plastic material to do the job