Monday, October 28, 2013

The Mascot

This was sent to me by another former professional soldier, Rusty, over at
Most of my training instructors were veterans of the South Atlantic; they were not the sort of people to be trifled with and we learnt well from them. I have nicknamed this one 'Fuller' after one such veteran I served under whilst on operations in the Former Yugoslavia

This figure will be added to a place among my collection of special things, just because he a Marine.

Thanks Rusty


  1. Very cool! I like it when figures have a special meaning!

  2. A brilliant piece of brush-work!

  3. An amazing piece of work! Love it!!! Great stuff!

  4. Thoughtful comments team, thanks. Agreed, well painted, looks the part on my shelf too - quite chuffed :)

  5. Per Mare, Per Terram, great figure Al.,