Friday, November 22, 2013

Another Airfix Building

Okay, so work is officially now sucking my will to live! Massive week in the trenches of youth education, read, corrective training, hence the lack of posts. Anyway...

The second resin building got more or less the same treatment as the first. They are quite cool to paint, as far a buildings go, and have a very reasonable level of detail on them

Also came with brass window frames

You can never have enough decent scenery to chose from when it comes to building a map, and these will certainly fit in well on the tabletop. As I've said before, the only real drawback with these is the price. One more ruined building to finish, which I might do this weekend whilst catching up on some test cricket


  1. Nice work Guv, how about some soot around the top windows to give it that shabby boutique look.

  2. mmmm, see what you mean, might just do that

  3. Looks like a nice bit of kit Al!

  4. good job!
    just an idea: why don't you try to cut the parts of the kit out of an extruded polystyrene sheet?
    you could obtain other buildings with a very low price.
    just remember to use white glue woth the polystyrene, or you'll melt it!
    hope to be useful.

  5. Looks real good, Those buildings have just gone on my wishlist!

    1. Only get them when they're cheap Harry!