Sunday, December 1, 2013

Me262 Finished

I have, actually, enjoyed at least an hour and a half of hobby time over the last two weeks, and consequently, actually do, almost, have something to show you all.... soon :)

In the interim, however, here are some pictures of this old Heller Me262 that I found on my computer last night when looking for work related documents

I posted the start of this project about two years ago so it is kind of cool to finally be able to post the results of it

Two-seater, night-fighter version, without the radar array attached to the front

Crew figures would have been nice but didn't have any at the time

The decals were spares from my Me110, which was an old Revell kit. This was painted with Tamiya colours as I hadn't started using Vallejo at this stage

This model has had at least one game that I can think of, in the ground attack role. These were operational by mid 1944 and served with quite reasonable success until the end of the war, claiming over 300 victories; depending on which source you read.


  1. Handy aircraft to have Al. Nice one.

  2. great plane, i love it!
    i have some too.

  3. Thanks lads, certainly one of my favourites

  4. Puts the fear of god in me just looking at it ;)

    Nice work Al