Sunday, December 8, 2013

Airfix Buildings

The last of my Airfix ruins. More buildings and imagination could make some really good looking built up areas

Scale is reasonable compared to the newer resin variety

Both of which have benefited from Paul's suggestions


This third building gives me a lot more options for the small table I currently have. CD can be a much better game when village foot-prints can be kept relative to the playing area.


  1. It actually reminds me of Kumara Al!

    I really like the painting you have applied to this Al. Nice technique.

  2. Very cool! Love the slatted roof.

  3. I've always loved the Airfix 'Strong Point' and the other two look great too; really good all round ;)

  4. Great work, Al - those buildings are first class. I'd love to have buildings like that for my Germans to hide out in!

  5. good job!
    the three together have a good looking!

  6. Nice I reckon with enough you could make a decent sized city!

  7. Thanks lads, yeah they are pretty useful kits, will certainly get a couple more if I see them around cheap enough