Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Third Saracen

One of my recently completed projects

Another Airfix Saracen

Same construction, more or less same paintwork. I've got one more of these that I'm working on, with ideas to make it into a command vehicle

Here it is beside the two I already have, the first complete company; eventually I'd like a full battalion (13)

Today marks the start of exactly 60 days of annual leave and I have plenty of projects lined up to help pass the time. Keep you posted.


  1. Wheres a LAW when you need one!

    Nice work on keeping them uniform Al. Nice work all around in fact!

  2. Good job Al. Nicely painted vehicles. Australia used them in the 60s - Prince of Wales Light horse

  3. Very cool Al! 60 days sound good too.Enjoy the time.

  4. They really look the business - excellent. 60 days annual leave !! You lucky fellow.

  5. Thanks all, good, cheap kitsets