Saturday, June 14, 2014


A spot of house-sitting sees me with the opportunity to unpack and mess around with some of my stuff

A few repairs required in the WW1 aircraft department

Most of my stuff took a hit in one way or another, this is my Russian armour in the queue for repairs 

This is going to be my new games room, tiny compared to the last one I had. I'll have this place to myself for a while and will try to make the most of it. Stay tuned...


  1. Looks like you will busy, hopefully the damage to the models is not as bad as it looks! Having any room you can call a games room is great! My dream is to have a room large enough for painting one end, and games table the other!

  2. Still a bigger room than mine! I hope there is not too much in the way of repairs Al!

  3. you have much to do, but i bet it will worth it!
    keep us updated.

  4. Al,
    A gaming room with a view! I game in the basement with a box-sized window! What I would do for more sunlight!

  5. Nothing a bit of TLC and glue will not conquer Bootneck.

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  7. The area is also big in my opinion
    Is this a balcony.
    Seems very peaceful place.
    I think the construction needs natural daylight (or daylight) to some extent.
    It is better eyes and the colors look more real or genuine.

    The roller wheels have melted so badly
    I Want repair many my very old Airfix models.
    I just do not know where to find Sherman, Panther etc. roller wheels 1:72 scale

  8. Thanks lads. My last games room had a massive table, which is all the better for CD3