Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WW1 Martin Bomber

This model dates to the earliest parts of my collection. I got it on ebay when you could still get decent models for 99 cents, at this time I knew little about the hobby, the historical stuff, paint schemes, unit markings, etc

This model is by Glenco, I think it dates from around the late sixties or early seventies. It has seen a couple of tabletop games. I added a forward gunner from an Airfix kit, I think the rear gunner is somewhere inside the fuselage because it was rattling when I was repairing it the other night :) 

Will remount the machine gun, once I've recovered the gunner

Not sure if the decals I put on this are authentic. When I built this, it was with a minor nations inter-war addition kind of thinking, and for gaming it simply represents a light or medium bomber, depending on the era your playing

It suffered moderate damage in getting here but is now fit for service again. These were intended to be a far superior improvement on the British Handley Page 0-400 but actually fell a bit short in a number of areas

Might repaint and decal it one day? Very few of these were produced and all that were saw service only with the US military, deploying in October 1918.


  1. Really, rare machine
    I did not know, is also a scale model...

  2. Love this model, very impressive!

  3. so cool , shame about transportation

  4. Thanks lads, yep 1/72, as the the damage... ah the joys of moving country.... again!

  5. really a good model!
    i think you should work a bit on it and i'll bet you'll have a great result!

  6. That is a really cool model Al!

  7. Now that's a beautiful piece of kit and work!