Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Panzers

These arrived yesterday from Paul. A couple of very nicely done PzIIs'

Both need a road wheel replaced but are otherwise in good order, not sure of their manufacture

As nice as the paint work is I'm thinking about re-doing them in standard panzer grey, so that I can use them for scenarios set in 1939-40 as well as early Russia.


  1. good man that paul , good score there mate ...

  2. Nice score there Al! Great additions to the forces!

  3. Great haul!

    I agree that they should be repainted though!

  4. They look well made and ready to roll, once they get their Panzer Grau on.
    Paul's a good chap. He must have been an arms exporter in another life.

  5. really good!
    i agree with you: they will be better in overall panzer grey.
    waiting to see them repainted.

  6. Concur with your thoughts on the paint scheme
    Pz II Grey is the way

    Nice acquisition
    Is that a CD Battalion complete now?