Thursday, December 4, 2014

Another house underway

Another Airfix resin on the painting table, my fourth one of these. Picked it up in Brisbane when I was down there earlier in the week.

I'm supposed to be on holiday already but have covered this week for others, so have to hang out now until Friday :( This is a very large building but I think it will still fit in nicely with the others.


  1. Airfix has come a long way since my first little blue Spitfire I built when I was a kid. Long may they continue!

  2. I think that this fits in with the others.
    For me, this (airfix buildings) is new information.
    Same is (some) 1/76 Scale

    That's true.
    Airfix road has been long.
    Unimodels (UM-serie) lost someway
    Began in the 1950s.
    The Czech Republic or Poland, the original idea?
    That time is (in here) the Aurora, Lindberg (Usa, I think) one or two japanese series
    Now Aurora (seems) wake-up again

  3. That is a nice looking building. It looks very detailed and quite large. This one is going to take some time to complete methinks.

  4. I see that Airfix say that some of there buildings are 1/76th and some are 1/72nd. Can you actually see any difference between them when they're on the table? This one is quite a big beast and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

    1. The difference is minimal I think. I'll line them up with some other stuff so guys can judge for yourselves. CD is quite abstract so scale is different, you know 1" to 50 yards = 100yrd wide road to accommodate the scale. I have heard of CD players using 15mm buildings to keep the footprints sizes of urban areas down

  5. This looks nice
    Maybe I should be stocking up on these instead of multiple versions of tanks I already have

    They are not cheap though

  6. Thoughtful comments gang, cheers

  7. It will be a nice addition. I look forward to seeing the two scales side by side.