Sunday, November 30, 2014

Another Heavy Truck

Monty's Caravan it was never going to be. Check out this link for a very cool job on this kit

I had my bridging engineer unit in mind for this truck. The Leyland Retriever served throughout WW2 in a variety of roles; Leyland also built the Cromwell tank from 1943

Still some details to do with paintwork and decals. Nice model. In CD3, this can carry a whole company.


  1. Nice looking model Al. Are you going to muck it up with some dirt to make it look beaten up a bit?

    1. I need to try that Anne, I've never really attempted the 'weathered look'

  2. Matchbox and Hasegawa are very well quality series,
    same is to old time

    ;) Oh, good old times
    when these matador trucks are first real cargo model, but only airfix made
    + 155 mm guns it was extra on top

  3. Classic Bridging lorry Al. Looks good mate.

  4. I love the British heavy trucks; one company per vehicle cuts down on the traffic jams.

  5. Thanks lads, you can always use more trucks, unless, like now, you have a pathetically small table :(