Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Game: Russia, mid 1942

A game played between me and Mark. He played the Germans (x2 under-strength infantry battalions), I the Russians, x2 of para x2 of naval infantry. A combined parachaute/river crossing assault - casualties were expected to be high...

The naval infantry ready to attack the village across the bridges and via boats. This was timed with the parachaute landings to create maximum problems for the defenders

German positions covering the collective farm area closest to the river

Rear of the collective farm area

1st battalion landing area, as Experienced the Russians would drop from a height of 18"

2nd Battalion landing area


Multiple Russian stands are eliminated outright, either landing in the river or missing the table completely 

The naval infantry begin their attack

Some support, I think this is a Unimodel or Ace model

Both armoured cars are destroyed by antitank and small arms fire, seriously disrupting the assault on this flank

Eliminated Russians from the first few turns

The first of the, now organised, para attack the rear of the village in an attempt to meet up with the naval infantry

Para that missed the drop zones by a long, long way now begin to arrive in the rear of the German position. Figures are a mixture of Zvezda and Esci

German company moving rearward to eascape being cut off from their forces on the other side of the river. The para here couldn't really stop them as they were still Pinned from their poor landing positions and thus their fire was ineffectual 

German positions on the left start to wobble a bit when they lose their machinegun platoon, and the close assault on the armoured car by engineers fails

A couple of German platoons forced to regroup 

The Russians were taking heavy casualties but had the men to afford them, this is the support company from the 1st naval infantry battalion being forced from the fight

About turn 6. Still the German left holds on

More para arriving unscathed

Heavy fighting towards the rear of the village, German figures here are by Pegasus

The river assault on the Russian right is wiped out to a man

Russian para taking out German support troops around the collective farm buildings

Most of the German platoons were now cut off from any retreat option

Played 7 out of 8 turns, a really good game.


  1. What a great looking game. I hope the "Death from the Sea" boys put up a good fight!

  2. Awesome looking game, and I love the para drop mechanic! Nice to see Soviet Naval and airborne get a run as they are often lost amongst the khaki hordes and the massed tank armies.

  3. Great looking game, nice to see some of the more unique
    Soviet troop types in play.

  4. Great looking game. Love the board a lot going on.

  5. great report and great photos!
    my compliments for the minis and the great-looking table!

  6. Nothing like the combination of airborne, amphibious landings and bridges for a great looking game!! Nice one!

  7. Nothing like a Russian Front game - great to see those 1/72nd scale troops in action.

  8. Excellent, just a great AAR. Love the look of this game. Many years ago a friend and I scratch built 8 glider models. We used the time out of them in games. In the mid '90's I played in a three day Arnhem game. The airborne drops were fantastic.

  9. Another great looking game. The para drop method is one that is always good fun to play!

  10. Thanks for the cheerful comments gang. It was an easy game to play (not too much armour) and Mark is quite an experienced gamer and getting better with CD3 every time we play.


  11. Ace

    I have to get myself sorted and do some WWII CDIII small infantry battles

  12. Ace

    I have to get myself sorted and do some WWII CDIII small infantry battles