Tuesday, October 6, 2015

German Motorcycle Infantry

These figures date from quite early in my collection

Two companies of infantry. Their organisation hardly changed throughout the war, so unlike many other units these can be used for the whole period of 1939-45 without adjustment

These are HaT figures

 I got them from my old dealer in Christchurch (that's you Stan)

I have an idea for another couple of companies of these + attachments to bring it up to battalion strength. However, the extras are 1/76 so may be included with an early war SS formation I've got plans for, and I'll just keep my eye out for other bikes in 1/72 where I can - possibly the Italeri or Zvezda sets?


  1. From 1939 to 1942 these are a German wargaming battalion must in CD

  2. I have heard the Italeri bikes are huge mate. Keep an eye out for you.

    Nice one.

  3. nice units mate , have i push them around in a game mate ? ...

    1. Yes Dave, I do recall a couple of games that you have used these in. Nice one Dave :)