Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Old Truck Revamp

Been around for a while this one, I found the cab on the ground, took it home and made this...

So, it has been on collection active service since 2009

Here is an archive picture of it during the Battle of Tarakan, which we gamed in early 2010

Scratch built box rear

Still rough by any standard but it is an improvement on what it was, and, in a way, the end of a very long project 2009-15 :)

Probably see most service amongst my minor nations collection but is generic enough to fit in pretty much anywhere. 


  1. Great job, you recycled it wonderfully!

  2. Nothing more satisfying than putting a piece of junk to a useful purpose....nicely done!

  3. \thanks lads, junk is always useful, it's just a matter of when...