Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sdkfz 11

As part of my ongoing early war project I decided to repaint some of my older kit

All of these prime movers have been acquired from various places pre-built, so I've never actually made one of these models myself

Hasegawa on the left, Airfix on the right. Me and Paul scored these two from an online auction a few years ago (pictured below)

All three models were formally a desert colour (of sorts), I have repainted them so they fit better with the rest of my collection

Vallejo German Grey and Highlight German Grey, no inks. I also have a quad AA one to repaint. They are still a bit patchy around the wheel areas and I'll finish them off once they've done a short stint on the tabletop.


  1. Good looking vehicles Al. Always good to see some softskins gettin some lovin!

  2. Thanks boys, these have progressed a little since I took the pictures

  3. These vehicles are splendid!

  4. They look great Al. It'll be nice as you get that awesome haul finished. I couldn't tell the wheels needed work.

  5. There is a certain glamour in early war grey

  6. There is a certain glamour in early war grey