Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Japanese Aircraft Finished

I finished this last night whilst watching a great old movie that my wife got me for Christmas, The Sand Pebbles. In the end my attempts to match the paint job with the box art proved fruitless, and I have made a note to check out air-brush options as a result.

The airframe was painted with Boltgun Metal and then given a couple of coats of Armour Wash, after that a few areas got some light dry-brushing to dull down the shiny bits, then the camouflage green was added.

Our Rottweiler delivered seven puppies New Years Day and these have required a great deal of attention at all hours of the day and night, so I expect to have some more time to model away whilst burning the midnight oil in the days ahead. Movies, models and puppy guard duty, a winning combination; now if only I can squeeze in a little sleep?


  1. Hey ole man, that has come up a treat, I have some tiny US Flags that could come in useful for kill tallies. I note there was no mention of hassles with decals this post,awesome!

  2. Thanks Paul, yes the decals went fine, and I'd like to add a couple of the small flags you mentioned. Still up for a game before you go back to work?

  3. Nice production line Al
    Keep it up

    Armour wash?
    I'm intrigued do tell me more


  4. Thanks Geordie, Armour Wash is made by Citadel Miniatures, and is designed to 'dull-down' shiny or metalic surfaces, sort of a dull black over metal, if that makes any sense, do check it out.