Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This is a very welcome addition to my aircraft collection, and in fact my first Russian one. According to Yori over at http://yori-hobby.blogspot.com/ the kit itself dates from the Cold War era and was one of a handful available to collectors behind the Iron Curtain at this time. I am now inspired to find a ground attack variety of some description, perhaps an Il2.

The engineering was quite good, except there was a fault with the canopy which left quite a gap between itself and the top of the fuselage; no worries a bit of PVA glue soon fixed that. The painting was cursory as this was needed for a game, but I intend to touch it up a bit still. I have this thing about all my aircraft having pilot figures at the controls, and so quite a few of my models have pilots made from spare German motorcycle riders because several of them are wearing goggles, but I'm starting to run out of these and may just have to acquire a box of commercial ones, I think Revell might make some, but will check PSR and see what is available.


  1. Nice to see this model completed! The second model from "behind the iron curtain" is IL-2 (Sturmovik). Try to find it! I remember that it was fine model. Now you can buy some reissues by Mastercraft. That's the same model in new box.

  2. You "tease" putting all those slightly out of focus tanks in the background ;)

    I must finish my Hurricane and Defiant ;)

  3. Yeah Geordie I am curious about the armour as well...Al the treadhead!

    Nice work on the Yak too.

  4. Thanks for the tip Jori, I'll be sure to try and find one.

    Geordie, I'll post a couple of WIP pictures of what you can see back there, look forward to seeing your Defiant, it is an excellent kit; actually, I don't have a Hurricane so just added that to my list of things to get.

  5. I'm going to assemble my entire armoured collection to photograph for insurance purposes, after this next game that I have on the table (Me Vs Paul). I challenge you lot to do the same, and we'll see who the tread heads are eh?