Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Royal Marines Commandos 2

Just some minor touching up left to do on these, face lines, shoulder straps, etc. If I had more figures to choose from the poses would have been a little more 'in action' like, but I am quite happy with the final results.

This is the weapons platoon, I almost always use prone figures for my Bren Gun teams.

Engineer stand.

Finding enough different arms in 1/76 to match the basic size of the donor figures was quite difficult with several of these conversions but we got there in the end.

Here is the command platoon.

Sling added to the grenadier's Sten.

And, ammunition pouches to his webbing; standard Matchbox figure to the right.

The full company. I still have another two stands on the work bench which can be added to this unit for certain actions, which will make them a large company, +2 to morale rolls. Although they have a dedicated command platoon, all RM are in fact self-ordering, which makes them an extremely versatile unit to use in games. I'm down to my last week of holidays, so will try to do the finishing work on these before embarking on any other projects that will inevitably be interrupted by work.


  1. Wunderbar!!! Some of your best work mate.

  2. Thanks mate, I'm going to spend time finding some more Commando figures before I attempt my next troop though.

  3. Very impressive! I particularly like the artistic photo with the uniform...


  4. Hello. This modifications and paintjobs are very fine. I like them very much.

  5. Thanks all, I enjoyed putting these together.


  6. Converted legendary Matchbox stuff? Blashphemy!

    Just kidding :)
    Well done modelling and paint job! Especially commander is looking great! It's difficult to believe that he was ladder-carrier before conversion :)

  7. Thanks Yori, well spotted with the ladder man.