Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ceasar WW2 British Infantry

These have been here a while now but it's also taken me a while to get the hang of the new camera. These are nice figures, good proportions and the usual excellent sculpting.

They will be good for any mid to late war actions. There is the usual mix of equipment and small arms on them, perhaps a few more Stens than most would want, but in general they are every bit as good as the Revell product, set in a similar era.

As you can see there are a few obvious parallels with the earlier released WW2 French in terms of pose, but that doesn't take anything away from their appearance.

Included in the kit is the Lifebuoy flamethrower, which I might relegate to an engineer unit, not sure yet.

The figure on the left will lose his head. Never really understood why anyone would want to wear a pom-pom on his head-dress after reaching the age of five or so.

Here are the support weapons. Buy them if you see them, they are a great set and I have plans to mix them with some others, such as the new HaT WW2 British support sets.


  1. Hi Al,

    These look great - what scale are they mate?

    Also wondering how hard is the plastic (assuming that's what they're made of)

  2. Yes I am impressed with Caesar's offerings. The plastics is "hard enough" enough, not quite matching Italeri but equivalent to Pegasus

    Beheading an officer sounds quite drastic, pom-poms are quite legitimate in certain British Regiments ;)

  3. Nice to hear from you both. They are true 1/72 as far as I can tell. Hardish plastic, similar to earlier offerings from HaT, i.e. ANZACs. Geordie, I take your point mate, but you'll never see a Marine in a pom-pom!

  4. Now that's not really true...we all know that the RM were used to man Pom Pom's during the war on RN and MN Vessels...

  5. At last! Now I can prepare a units of The Polish 1st Armoured Division. Lack of late British minis was stopping my works. I'm very satisfied. Thanks for preview :)