Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More WW2 British

Here are some more British Infantry, think I've included most of the poses. As usual still some minor finishing required, helmet covers, black ink on weapon parts, etc.

I like the tilt on the gunner's helmet but that's about all with this figure, I find the poses less than convincing. When I get some more time I'll do up another stand using the Caesar bren figure, and show you the difference.

I tried to make the faces darker, still messing around with that one though.

The figure on the left almost became a Marine instantly by virtue of it having a beret, but I don't have any other figures of similar proportions to mix it with, so for now it's the infantry.

Finally, battalion command section, the man with the pom-pom hat in difference to 'other' British units; nuff said!


  1. Lovely work mate, especially your ''pom pom''

  2. I really like the shading Al

    Glad to see the "pom pom" officer made an appearance in the Battalion HQ ;)

    PS Still digging around for my Comets and my digital camera

  3. Be good to see those Georgdie, thanks for the comment. The pom-pom's a bit of Scotish thing what?:)