Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This arrived today, cool. It is my first one of these. For CD, ideally, I'd need at least one more for a company, but there may have been some Cromwell equipped units which included these as either command or fire support vehicles during the late war period. Looking through my collection I found that I had only two 17pdr armed tanks, Sherman Fireflies, so I have added to the list another one or two of these and some 17pdr anti-tank guns.


  1. Rather than one a troop I thought Comets appeared en masse?

    At the time of the Battle of the Bulge, (spme of) Monty's units were re-equipping their tank units to Comets for the assault on Germany. They had to take their old Shermans out of mothballs to face the Germans as they had not primed/trained up on the Comets.

    If at all possible I though the Western Allies avoided mixing tank types?

    (You may have to but some more Al)

  2. It's a *really* Nice kit. I picked one up when I happened to find it in a local shop as I'd had the chance to sit inside one as a child and was thinking of replicating it. The horrible blue-grey paint they had on it, on reflection, would not look nice.

  3. another matchbox classic re released by Revell. When regularly wargaming v my old opponant Duncan in Swansea many years ago he used to enjoy knocking my Comets out with tigers & panthers ...'firey comets' he used to say! damn 88mm!!...only when we introduced ground attack rules & I made a few Airfix Typhoons did I get my revenge!!

  4. Happy to hear your input on this one lads, as I've never had or used them before. Paul came around earlier and gave me another, but as mentioned I think I'm still going to need a few more. Really nice looking kit all around I'd have to say too.

  5. I should also have said nice kit Al ;)

    Darn I have to get back to painting my 20mm kit, I have one finished and two "in progress" Comets which have been in that state for the last ten years!