Friday, March 19, 2010

New Tiger

Here are a few pictures of the Tiger that comes with a magazine, recently released here in NZL. This is another one of the models Paul gave that I mentioned in my last post.

It has a lot of very nice detail and fits in nicely with other 1/72 scale stuff.

I thought I might have a go at roughing this one up a bit as it's just too clean to be serious. Paul also gave me an old Tiger that I intend to restore, but more of that one later. These latest two give me now a couple of full companies of Tigers. Reading up last night I have found a couple of historical scenarios that call for just such a number of these plus a few more odds and sods from my German heavy tank battalion.


  1. Hi Al,

    Got one of these myself - this was the first (and cheapest) edition of Combat Tanks, (I think) with a Tiger too, so it was not to be missed! I meant to dip back in and pick up key models from time to time as the mag continued, but it then reverted to subscription only so I never bothered.

  2. Hi Monty, yeah, I saw a list of them yesterday and there are quite a few I'd like to get too. I don't think I'll subscribe either, as the price increases quite a bit.

  3. with a bit of rust, dust and other stuff it will blend in. ;)

  4. Have ordered some washes and inks so stay tuned lads.

  5. The first one was well worth getting, but they allrequire a bit of cleanup and the triangle screws are a bit fiddley to get out of the early run. Towards the end they changed to regular phillips heads so it's trivial to pop them off the base. I only picked up a few random ones myself, but found some on sale recently for half price and was happy to get a Crusader for cheaper than the only kit available.