Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Buildings

Scored this the other day for a very reasonable price. It is a railway building by Dapol, either 1/87 or 1/76 scale.

For gaming purposes the roof has been made removable, so it hasn't quite gone together snugly but it will do for a start. I also still have a bit of finishing work to do with its paint work, which will have to wait for another day or two, however.


  1. Nice work, Al....

    Kind regards

  2. Thanks, always find buildings hard to paint right for some reason.

  3. Nice model and nice work Al!

    Add a fence around it and some gravestones, and you'll have the perfect terrain piece!

    Well done again!!


  4. Nice stuff - an old favourite of mine Al.

    You're right about the way the roof and the way the bell-tower make it a bit tricky to make have an easily-removable roof.

  5. You know it's originally an Airfix moulding?

  6. I did not know that Hugh, thanks.

  7. I've got that church Al, had it for years (seriously) and just started painting it the other day. It's deceptively tricky I find!
    Good stuff, liked your Korean war report, it's nice to see some different stuff being done

  8. Thanks Ed, agree with about the church, and likewise with your modern wars project, would like to see a report or two eh?

    best wishes


  9. I have long thought that picking 1/72 for WWII games is the way to go. You have such a large supply of model railroad buildings at your disposal. Someone playing with 28mm has such limited (and more expensive) building choices.

    Love your city set up.