Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CD City

This is about as big as a built up area can realistically get using the CD rules. It represents an area of about four square kilometers. I have set it up to test the multi level buildings affects on the game mechanics, spotting, movement, cover, and so on. Most of the terrain is grouped in the center of the table allowing for maximum use of the buildings, and plenty of reach allowance.

Normally CD allows for only 2" or 100 yards for spotting and firing in a built up area, however we use a house rule of 5" or 250 yards, which works much better for larger towns, etc, and from my own personal experience a viewing range of this greater distance in such terrain is actually fairly common. The next thing to do is a spot of play testing to see how many more units can be used realistically within this new frame work.


  1. Great work. . . I know how much tiring this would be. But the final result is M A G N I F I C E N T!!

    Want to see more pics!!

    Well done mate!!!


  2. Cheers T. I'd like to do more, but work keeps getting in the way!

  3. Mmmm whats this city all in aid of?

    Gates of Moscow perhaps, suburbs of Berlin...

  4. Good to hear you're back Paul, ah.. somewhere in Europe, I need to get some different building styles!