Sunday, April 18, 2010


Last couple of days of the holidays. About the only thing I've done lately is start constructing floor levels for all of my multi-story buildings.

CD can be a difficult set of rules when considering built up areas, that is, you can only have so many stands in any one area depending on its size. So by adding floor levels I have effectively doubled the area we have to game with when it comes to a city scrap.

Here is one that I have fitted but yet to paint, Marines added for style purposes.

The last thing we did this weekend was take the dogs for a ride.


  1. Nice buildings are they HO or 1/72?

    As 1/72 scale houses are a pain to scratchbuild!


  2. Thanks boys. The houses are all HO, as 1/72 tends to be a little big for CD (again ground scale issues). Will post some finished ones when I get back.

  3. Funny how dogs love to ride around in the car. You never see cats enjoying a little drive! Dogs have to be the most fun pets...


  4. Too true Ian, you only have to look at the car keys and the buggers are right there at your feet. :)