Friday, April 16, 2010

WW2 Belgians

Finally finished this company of Belgians that have been on the work bench for quite a while. All just straight out head-swaps on some figures that I thought would fit in okay. This is the company command stand.

Planning to do some pre-Dunkirk stuff later in the year and these will provide the token of Belgian troops that are needed for one of the scenarios.

More research may see this unit slightly enlarged to include a support weapons company or light anti-tank gun battery yet. There are examples from four different French figure sets represented here, and I think I have enough to make possibly one more decent group.


  1. What brand are they? They look nice

  2. Glad to see someone taking an interest in the Belgians. I think they're sadly under represented in most games and ranges.

  3. Thanks lads, brands: Airfix WW1, HaT WW1, Italeri Foreign Legion, Airfix Foreign Legion. Couldn't agree more Al, it would be great to see a few more minor nations represented, especially the Belgians.