Monday, October 25, 2010

The Bone Yard

A visit from Paul the other day produced a couple of donations to the bone yard, one is already in a reasonable state of repair, the other I'm not so sure about.

Paul also gave me some crosses, which I had none of, so some German stuff came out straight away for improvement.

Here are the mortar crews I'm working on, plus some support weapons for my Great War ANZAC collection; so many projects so little time.


  1. If there's one thing I like with our hobby, that's getting a load of pre-built stuff that I can re-build and cannabalise.....hence flea markets are one of my favourite haunts:-). The mortars are looking good.

  2. I know the feeling Al!
    I was making some houses (as usual) until 1 am yesterday night!
    Too many wonderful things to do in life, too little time!!!
    Don't bend! :-)

  3. I love a good boneyard box. Move those wheels forward a bit in the M3... or even call round I think I might have a something better than those you have on there.

    The Mortar stands are coming up a treat. I will steal the idea about the Revell figure holding down the baseplate. You had better make a field dressing stand for them when they shatter their arms!

    Very nice post.

  4. "so many projects so little time"...Seems all the same all over the world ;-)

  5. Breathing life into the old models is worth a go I say.Been doing with my WWI stuff.never throw anything out mate,it can be used as burned out wrecks with a few weathering pigmens and a hot pin.

  6. The battered M3 Half Track could be used as a FOW objective marker ;)

    Have you (the plural Al and Paul) dabbled with FOW, I ask as they seem to have NZ origins

  7. lol, great comments lads. As with most knock-ups some come out better than others; flea markets? wish we had more of them! Right, will be around after cricket practice Wednesday Paul. FOW? have had one or two goes with Andrew Dempster, but we fear change!

  8. It's not just change it's logistics and style.

    While FOW is Kiwi as marmite it does seem very 40K, and it was not around in the 1980's when both Al and I started building forces.

    So if we were to change to FOW what the heck would we do with all the kit we have built up...I doubt if I could afford to do both.

    Besides much of the fun is actually constructing and building your own forces up from what is around or from scratch, rather than just opening a packet (of which FOW has a huge range of to be sure) giving it a file and slapping some paint on.

    With plastic you have a choice of different manufactors, and what you change or leave off.

    I love the fact I can take a 50 year old figure from Airfix and turn it into something new.

    On a personal note I have met and heard of some FOW players who are a little too into it, so to speak.

    Different horses for courses is the general rule of thumb!

  9. mmm, sage words mate, kind of partial to converting old figures and vehicles myself (all chant, Airfix, Airfix), although I'll admitt FOW has its place; not everyone has the time or inclination to 'model' also many are not interested in the complexities that the likes of CD, et al try to represent. I only buy metal or resin if it is not available in plastic.

    Interesting comments lads.

  10. Ah ...reminds me of my own pile of pre-made stock.
    I've been accused of being somewhat of a pack rat
    in that I throw nothing away because you never know when that odd bit of plastic will be of use!
    Very inspiring post Al!