Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tales from the Crypt

Reckon most of us could tell/show a few of these...

This bone yard Hetzer has been resurrected with all manner of spares, including a Tiger, Panther and Pz38t, all it needs now is repainting.

I have had a lot of fun over the past few days doing the monster mash with old wrecks.

Here is the latest addition with the other two I already had, a full company.

Here is the half-track, still needs more painting and possibly an MG or other accessories.

Moved the wheels forward a bit as per suggestion. I didn't have any proper wheels, so I used a couple of an old 88mm gun carriage ones, which have spokes but that doesn't bother me; still working on the other one.


  1. Nice work with the half-track Al! No need to worry about the wheels, I haven't noticed anything!

    I am now officially envy about the Hetzers! I want a company too!! Show us them when you paint them my friend!!


  2. Nice rebuilds. The M3 looks really Soviet!

  3. I´ve got two shoe boxes full of old german halftracks, all in a battered condition...this is inspiring me to get busy and ressurect some of them...:-)

  4. In 1945 they were probably doing that Al!

  5. Very nice boneyard doesn't have anything useful to make a whole vehicle with...