Friday, October 8, 2010

Russian Infantry Finished

Off to the big smoke for a couple of days, but before I go a few of pictures of my recently completed early war Russians.

Still have helmet chin straps to do, but they are reasonably complete.

Mostly Plastic Soldier figures, though there are a few Revell and Esci in the mix also.

Lastly, the portly regimental commander. Once I get some support weapons sorted this unit will be totally complete. I managed three western front battalions and two eastern ones. The eastern units still have their full complement of command stands and supporting arms as they escaped the worst of the purges of the 1930s, a nice bit of historical detail reflected in the OOB for this era.


  1. Great Paintjob and a nice mixture of Figures! I have ordered a set of the "Plastic Soldier" -Russians and I`m anxious for the delivery.

  2. Those Ecsi figures paint up better than I expected (I have some in raw plastic myself) and go well with the Revell

    I like the way you mix stuff up

    Keep posting as I feel I'll be reading more than posting in October :(

  3. Thanks lads, yeah they are probably some of the best on the market at present, crips to paint and very finely detailed. How come the lack of posts for October Geordie?