Saturday, May 26, 2012


Finished this ages ago and had forgotten all about it. This was a bone-yard wreck in every sense and whilst it might look reasonable, it's actually very rough. Still, it is the only I have and it was resurrected and painted with my Pacific theatre collection in mind 

No idea of its manufacturer

Decals from the spares bag, not authentic 

More than a match for anything Japanese of the same era.


  1. Very nice. And what could be more authentic than "His Majesty's Land Ship Dragonfly"? Cool!

  2. Nice. And how novel to see a Lee in US colours - mine are all Russian....

  3. From the turret, it appears to be Airfix. I have the same kit, which was built back in '78. Yours looks much better than mine, There are not a lot of Lee-Grant kits out there.

  4. Classic kits - although mine were Grants done for North Africa. Nice work.

    cheers WW

  5. Being more than a match for anything Japanese of the same era is about right, I've often chuckled about the Japanese going up against the American
    heavily armored Sherman....quite the statement
    when factor in their performance in Europe!

  6. I think it is an Airfix too!

    Classic 70's model