Sunday, May 27, 2012

Reinforcements 1

Spent part of the weekend fixing up these bone-yard models to add to my collection

This one needed wheels, guns and tracks

The 251/1 now gives me two full companies of these, still some minor paint work to touch up as usual

Another carrier that needed wheels, I added some metal ones from my spares box

The two more-or-less complete carriers next to the donor model, which will be returned to the bone yard for future consideration.

These most gratefully received models were to sent me by John at


  1. Nice work Al, that spare wheel on the front of the 251 could go on the other 251.

  2. Great work Al, always good to 'recycle' ;)

  3. Great stuff Al, I recognize those ! Glad you were able to make use of them and hope they get in on some action in the future.