Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Multiple projects on the go as usual and here is one of them. I originally got these with my early WW2 BEF collection in mind but have since decided that they will remain Great War after all

They are nicely detailed figures in reasonable poses that I think most collectors will be happy with. My one complaint is with the plastic, although a vast improvement on earlier releases, which doesn't take paint very well at all, despite the figures being thoroughly washed and the paint mixed and at a good temperature, it just seemed to slip off. The above shows the figures after three coats of under-coat Vallejo British Uniform and a dark brown wash.


  1. Al

    Glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem with paint.. painting the HMGs from the 1914 AH box nearly drove me to despair!!!!


  2. G'day Al,
    perhaps some artists acrylic gesso might do the trick as an undercoat? It has a built in something which causes it to adhere really well & provide a good surface for painting- even over plastic. It's what I use for all my stuff now. :)

  3. The only issue I have with some plastics!

  4. Have you prayed them with a primer Al?

  5. Hi, Al is it possible to get your email adress as I would like to make some sort of blog tour event?

    please contact me at wargamenewsandterrain AT hotmail DOT com if you're interested.

  6. Try undercoating with white glue (wood glue). A thin (maybe slightly dilluted)coating allowed to dry usually does the work very well.
    Sounds a bit crazy, but works wonders.
    I think I have to get a tutorial on that on my blog.

  7. Thanks for the comments and tips lads, we'll see how we go