Friday, May 11, 2012


Went with the standard 35t option on this one as the tank destroyer is a bit obscure

Not the best engineered kit but not the worst either, I think the detail and general basics would be on a par with Ace

The only one of these I have, any others are likely to be resin I'm thinking. Anyway, another addition to my early war collection


  1. Nice job!
    Attack kits are of the "hate or love" kind. I quite like them, just because they're a challenge every time, but with a little care they end up quite decent.
    Nice also you have the choice for the panzerjager or the regular tank in the same box (also, more stuff for the spares box, always useful!)

  2. I agree with Giano, always good to have a choice of kits especially with a rare item like that SP gun.

    You Early War stuff is cruising along nicely. Well done on a lovely looking addition.

  3. Looks good Al - I bet all that suspension was fiddly to build.

    1. Funny you mention those mate, they were an absolute mare

  4. I wasn't aware anyone made a Pz35(t) kit... another to add to the list.

  5. Thanks for commenting lads, nice one