Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A New Sabre

A couple of pictures of my new F86

This one is modeled landing gear up 

It was a present from Paul http://plasticwarriors.blogspot.com.au/?view=classic and very very cool it is too

Great paitwork all round, a really authentic looking finish. It needs some minor panel beating owing to the usual perils of the international postage service, but nothing too major 

This is a cool addition to my Cold War aircraft collection. Quite a few scenarios from this era allow the NATO player additional jet fighter elements owing to the western allies superiority in this area at that time. 

Thanks Paul.


  1. Cool fighter. I love the early jet age.

  2. What a good guy he his! Nice score there Al!

  3. great looking jet....always hated the standard silver finish on the US versions...)

  4. That is a nice miniature. I agree with Don about the paint.

  5. Agreed, my earlier version is in exactly the colours we all disagree with :):)