Friday, February 28, 2014

2nd Battalion BEF, completed

Finally finished the 2nd Battalion for my early war British collection

Command platoons

The majority of the figures are from the most excellent Zevezda range, though there are a couple from Airfix and Revell in the mix also

This is the battalion support company

I managed to achieve a reasonable amount of variation with the figures and their poses, and I will try to apply similar practice to the creation of the third battalion.


  1. Nice work. All ready to get kicked out of France!

  2. good job!
    the Old Contemptibles would be proud of you!

  3. Not too shabby Al. They have come up rather well. Roll on the 3rd Battalion.

  4. Another great addition to your BEF! Of course, they would be perfect for VBCW games too!

  5. Keep putting those battalions into the field. Great work; plenty of animation in these Toms. Aye, Rusty

  6. Thanks team, I like working with these figures, pity Zevezda don't do a full set of them. Thoughtful comments. Cheers