Monday, March 3, 2014

Command Saracen APC

The last of my Saracens, for now.

Basically the same as the others but with the inclusion of a figure in the turret; formerly a Matchbox paratrooper. Usually one in every three vehicles functions as the command platoon

Same colours as the others

I have a couple of minor repairs to make on this one, one of the lights and a smoke launcher came off during the final dry brushing stage

Enough vehicles to mount a reinforced infantry company. I like these kits and will definitely get some more as the year progresses.

 Might get a chance to play a small game with these soon as Phil has been trying his hand at writing a scenario, keep you posted.


  1. Very nice Al. They look very impressive as a group too!

  2. Nice painting. They look very much like today's modern MRAPs, though I wonder how well they do versus underbelly IEDs.

    1. Thanks, having seen IED damage firsthand I doubt these old buses would have stood up too well. The whole 'mine resistant' thing depends where you are sitting :)