Monday, March 24, 2014

Toys from Col

The loot, all presents from Col

Never worked with this scale before but thought I might attempt a little 1/35 scale diorama

The Zulus will get a paint job at some stage as I've always had a minor interest in this period, and the seaplane will be an excellent early war addition

Will get a late war paint job 

How cool is this lot? Took me back thirty years!

These are staying in the colours they are in, extremely well made and painted; manufacturer unknown

One of only two Japanese transports in my collection

Might repaint this one, haven't yet decided, either way it's a nice model

Another really well made and painted kit. I think this might be a Boeing of some type, it will probably see service with one or two of my minor nations collection. All in all an awesome haul. Thanks Col!


  1. Very nice haul there - Col is most generous! Quite a nice collection of military diecasts from the 1970s too - with some nice modifications on the Matchbox Weasels. Quite a good range of the Playart stuff there too!

    The last photo seems to be the Matchbox Boeing P-12E PEASHOOTER kit. The fifth photo has the Hawsega kubelwagen and motorcycle combination, with the Airfix Opel Blitz. Paul hasn't posted his Monday model quiz yet so I guess I'm identifying your stuff to get it out of my system!

    1. Wow! The ones with names on them were no great mystery but you sure filled in the rest mate :)

  2. Fantastic haul there Al. You have found a good mate there.

    Nice one.

  3. you received a great present!
    i'm waiting to see your 1/35 scale work!

  4. Hasegawa Heinkel.
    Weighty and good model.
    Mercedes is fine.
    Hasegavalta is also start-up Isuzu (truck)
    Is this Toyota Fuel truck

  5. I have a couple of those Matchbox models as well. Also the ESCI Zulus

  6. Thanks lads, watch this space for progress.... slow though it may be at times :) :)

  7. Very cool haul there Al! Should keep you out of trouble for a while!