Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Modern Schoolhouse

I picked this up some time ago but only just got around to putting it together. A model railway building by Heljan; only $10 which is usually about the most I'd pay for a building kitset

Doors and windows added but I left out the glass

Styled as a modern school house but it could represent any number of buildings

Reinforced the corner joins with plastic triangles

Quite a versatile little building that won't look out of place when grouped with some of my other more modern looking houses, etc.


  1. Nice pickup Al. A very useful, generic building suitable for WW2 and after. You could easily add other details like a watertank or smoke stack to back date it a little.

  2. Looks pretty good for the price! Nice one Al!

  3. Thanks lads, I may add a few details to it in the future but for now it is going into the tabletop :)