Thursday, March 27, 2014

Matilda Is'

Inspired by the look of my recently repainted Matilda II unit, I decided to do likewise to my under-strength company of Matilda Is'

This is the original state they were in...

New paint job. Again, matching decals!

These models are metals ones by SHQ. I need to find one from another firm that will allow for a command figure, thus giving me an HQ vehicle to finish the unit

Lightly armed, though quite heavily armoured for their day, apparently only 140 of these were produced. They last saw service at the Battle of Arras in 1940. Eventually I'd like two companies of these.


  1. Neat
    One more for the company commander true, but you need another company and battalion command tank to finish off the battalion for Arras ;)

    You know it makes sense :)

  2. Very nice work on the Matildas Al!

  3. Thanks lads :) Geordie, always wanted to do Arras but never quite had the kit to do it, ah one day though, maybe I need to get back over to see Foster.... :)