Monday, March 10, 2014

Airfix Matilda II

One of my favourite early war tanks, and the first one of these I have constructed

Cleaned up and undercoated on-sprue, though there was minimal flash anyway

An overly complicated running gear assembly given that much of it is unseen upon finish

This is a command platoon so I added a figure to the hatch 

I left the fuel tank off as none of the others in my collection had one either, and to me it doesn't detract from the finish

Inspired by the finish I decided to repaint the other three I already had turns out I was right in guessing they were Airfix models too

Decals from my spares bag, and for once all vehicles in the troop have similar markings

An excellent addition to my early war collection. The paintwork isn't quite right, but, as always, near enough for me.


  1. Cool, you have inspired me to try that paint scheme next time, what colors did you use?

  2. Gidday Harry, I used Vallejo Military Green (70975) but Tamiya Black/Green would be near enough too, plus the usual black wash then dry brushed with the same green and a little white added to highlight it a bit. The disruptive is just green mixed with a bit of black. Look forward to seeing your work :)

  3. Mine are still in storage at my Dad's place in Nova Scotia (whine)
    Even my son is itching to get our stuff on a board and dicing them in battle.

  4. Really lovely work Al! The paint scheme looks great!

  5. Well painted Al. The Matilda is certainly a favourite of mine. Have you considered doing the Hedgehog version? The Bulldozer variant would be good too!

  6. very good job!
    i like the colours.

  7. Good stuff. These four tanks will make for a fun game for the British players.

  8. Thanks lads, wouldn't mind getting a bulldozer one to go with them as I'm thinking about building an early war engineer unit, plus attachments. Hopefully the Zevezda offerings will be out soon

  9. Thanks for this. The Matilda has to be my absolute favourite British tank!

  10. I really like the darker camo pattern.

  11. Great upgrade on the other earlier Airfix models
    I think you are correct in leaving off the fuel tank as I think it is a Wesert Desert modification

    The 'only' tiny thing is that the BEF Matilda II's mounted a turret Vickers instead of a Besa MG

    I have been having qualms over this, the slight difference is just a solid cast around the MG port, but a circular surround of plastic card would do the trick

  12. Cheers all, very much. Geordie, ta mate, was actually yours that got me started on these :)