Wednesday, March 19, 2014

War Chicks - for Col

A visit to my mate Col the other day saw me come home with a lot of new toys (post to follow) and a little project to undertake

Here are a few of the pulp/fantasy figures that I am working on for him....

This is the only one nearing completion. My painting style tends towards highlighting more than shading but we're getting there. Something a bit different and perhaps the beginnings of a new gaming interest for me - though decent scenery to complement the cool figures may prove a little problematic :) We'll see...


  1. We haf vays of making you talk! Yeah Baby!!

  2. interesting new project!
    let's see.

  3. Nazi girls with guns are always cool. What make of figures are they? I have some Bob Much Pulp Figures Nazi gwgs and these might be a useful addition.

    1. They are all by Bob Murch Michael, really well sculpted figures, highly recommended!